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Empowering Beauty:
Inclusive Makeup Workshops
for people with disabilities

Led by Makeup Artist, educator and qualified Disability Support Worker, Helen Kharkov, these small group sessions provide a nurturing and supportive environment for participants to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and empowerment.


Helen's expertise as a makeup artist and educator, coupled with her qualifications and thorough checks, ensures a safe and enriching experience for all.

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  • 4-5 participants

  • duration: 2.5 hours with a small break

  • demonstration on a model

  • hands-on practice with Helen's guidance and support

  • goodie bags with essential makeup items for practice in class and at home


"Thank you again for running the workshop for us on Tuesday evening. You are an incredibly talented artist, and your ability to tailor your teaching style to the individual abilities of the participants did not go unnoticed.
Your humor and approachable nature created an atmosphere in which people felt comfortable to ask questions and really get involved. It was so lovely to witness."

Disability Support Service Manager
"The workshop was brilliant and full of such great tips. Thanks so much for putting it together. Helen was amazing, and Emma picked up heaps of new techniques. She really enjoyed it and was so glad she came to this instead of the comedy night! Even an old chook like me picked up a few ideas haha.
I loved how the participants got some products, brushes and tools to take home and experiment with; that was a lovely touch, and Emma really liked that too. Can't wait for our next group workshop session, whatever it may be.
I think overall workshops are a great way for participants to meet new people and get out of the house while learning some new skills too. For those brave enough to try new things, the gains are amazing, and hopefully Sonder will be doing more in the future to make this happen."

Support Worker



The workshops will empower participants to develop essential makeup skills, enhancing their self-confidence and sense of self-expression

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Our workshops are thoughtfully designed to accommodate various disabilities, ensuring all participants feel welcome and valued


The makeup artist's qualification and experience in the Disability sector enables them to understand diverse challenges faced by participants and adapt makeup techniques to suit individual requirements


The workshops provide an opportunity for participants to socialise, build connections, and share experiences, fostering a sense of belonging


The workshop offers an opportunity to develop essential makeup skills, ranging from basic techniques to more advanced styles. These skills can be valuable for personal grooming, special occasions, or even potential career opportunities


Helen is an award-winning internationally-published Melbourne makeup artist and educator. With a passion for bringing out the inner beauty of each individual, she strives to create a radiant reflection of their true essence.
Helen's expertise extends to various domains, including bridal, editorial, and creative makeup. Additionally, Helen offers personalised 1:1 and small group makeup workshops, where she shares her knowledge and skills to empower others to embrace their unique beauty.
Beyond Helen's makeup artistry, she holds a Certificate IV in Disability, NDIS screening check, First Aid/CPR qualification, Mental Health First Aid qualification, and WWCC. Helen's experience in working with participants with diverse disabilities has equipped her to provide tailored training and deliver results that cater to their specific needs and desires.
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We are eager to discuss the details further and tailor the workshops to meet the unique needs and preferences of your participants.
We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and empower a diverse community of makeup enthusiasts.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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